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Helping you heal your gut and live free from constipation, diarrhea, bloating, fatigue and brain fog.

You hold the power to heal.

We help you get there.

Heal With Us

Heal Your Gut with Individualized Support


Included with Private Consultations:

  • Bi-Weekly Virtual Consultations
    • - 1st visit is a 90-minute in depth case review of your health history, current symptoms, prior lab test results if any, and review your health goals. We will then develop a customized roadmap outlining the areas of focus in order to begin your journey to gut health.
    • - subsequent visits are 45 minutes in duration where we will fine tune your wellness plan with tailored recommendations and practices in order to keep your gut and body healthy. 
  • Comprehensive Stool Test delivered to your home. Results will be reviewed and explained to you during a subsequent visit at which time a personalized nutrition, lifestyle and supplement protocol based on the needs of your unique gut will be provided.
  • Additional Functional Medicine testing to further assess overall health and wellness can be added such as Food Sensitivity Testing.
  • 15% off professional grade supplements from our Fullscript dispensary.


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