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Heal Your Gut

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Bloated, Constipated? Want relief?  

Join us in the HEAL YOUR GUT program to learn how.

Do you...

- suffer from heartburn, feel bloated and gassy after eating? Need to unbutton your pants after a meal?

- suffer often from constipation or diarrhea that interferes with your daily life and well-being?

- have skin problems? Joint pain? Feel tired all the time? Not sleeping well? Maybe you've noticed that your mood is off these days?

- feel hopeless that things will never get better? Or do you recognize the need to change some habits in order to feel well but struggle to accomplish this?

- miss feeling well and spending quality time with family and friends? 

- miss…well…the healthy version of you? Can you even remember when that was? 

Then this program is for YOU!

It is now well known that gut health impacts every aspect of your overall health from digestion to metabolism, skin, mood, immunity, etc. In order to feel your best, your gut and the trillions of bacteria that reside there need to be healthy. If you are ready to learn how to improve your gut health, feel comfortable in your own clothing, confident in your own skin, and live a life free of digestive issues, continue reading about the key benefits of this program and what is included. 


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Lifetime Access  

You can access the program when most convenient for you from the comfort of your home. Whether you're an early bird or night owl, you decide when you are ready to learn what could be at the root of your health concern. No more quick 15 minute visits leaving questions unanswered. Plus, you will have lifetime access to the program portal! This means you will automatically receive any new content, webinar replays or information we add to the program in the future.  

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Comprehensive Testing

Included in this program is a comprehensive functional medicine stool test that will be shipped directly to your home, with collection instructions and pre stamped packaging to return to the lab. This stool test will evaluate your microbiome, presence if any of parasites, pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses, as well as evaluate your intestinal health including digestion, inflammation, and immune response. Having personalized test results is paramount to healing as we know that in health and wellness, one size does not fit all!

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Personalized Recommendations

We believe in the unique health of each individual. Included in this program is a 60 minute phone call with one of the health consultants to review your stool test results and provide you with customized recommendations. After the initial consult, you will then transition to a weekly 30 minute follow up call until the end of the program. This will allow us to answer any of your questions during your healing journey, tweak any recommendations and make sure you are feeling supported in reaching your goals. Understanding how your lifestyle, mindset, and nutrition all influence your health, along with having access to comprehensive stool testing is fundamental to start the journey of healing and finally liberate you from the symptoms impeding you from living your healthiest life. 

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Supportive Community

What's better than getting healthy? Getting healthy together!  Having a sense of community has been shown to have a positive impact on health outcomes. When we surround ourselves with people who share our values and goals, who encourage and cheer us on along the way, we are much more likely and successful in creating vibrant health. If you choose, you will be included in a private Facebook group active community of people who listen, care, and take action to make ourselves and the world around us healthier. Here you can ask questions, celebrate your wins, seek support and provide support to others.


healthy food


Food is medicine! Learn which foods are conducive to gut healing, which you should be avoiding, and how food is more than just nutrition. 

bowl on table with vegetables


Now that you know what to eat, learn how to eat. Simple every day strategies that make a big impact on your digestion and gut healing. 

female holding stomach in discomfort


Common GI symptoms can have several other causes.  Learn which ones you may want to consider looking into further. 

intestines with microbiome


In this module, you will acquire your stool test results as well as a 60 minute phone call with one of our consultants where you will receive personalized recommendations based on your results.

supplement pill with fruits and vegetables coming out of it


Learn when to use supplements in addition to nutrition and which supplements could be beneficial and thus considered when experiencing specific symptoms. 

intestinal wall lining


Leaky gut is prominent and the cause of many extra gastrointestinal diseases. In this module, learn what leaky gut is, and what you can do to repair your gut lining and prevent the consequences of leaky gut. 

female sitting on bed meditating with open journal


Stress wreaks havoc on our bodies including the gut! Learn how stress can negatively impact your microbiome, increase leaky gut, cause damage to the gut lining and what steps you can take to decrease stress and heal your gut. 

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If you are not sleeping, you are not healing! In this module you will learn the importance of sleep in healing your gut and modalities that you can implement right away to improve your zzz's and thus your gut. 

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Toxins are ubiquitous and can damage the structure or functionality of our cells including those in your GI tract. Learn where toxins are commonly found and best practices to reduce exposure.  


  • Video Tutorials accessible via Desktop or Mobile App
  • 9 Modules released weekly over 9 weeks teaching you everything you need to know to heal your gut
  • Rapid relief supplement recommendations 
  • Comprehensive stool test collected in the privacy of your own home
  • Personalized gut protocol recommendations based on stool test results 
  • Weekly follow ups after initial consultation to provide optimal support in your healing journey
  • Pre and post program GI symptom questionnaire 
  • 9 weekly pre-recorded Q&A sessions to get your questions answered
  • Private Facebook Community for feedback and peer support
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